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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

First Things First

I want to welcome you to Write Here Campfire Critique's blog. And, I want to invite you to visit and follow us on our YouTube channel, where you will find even more videos and information about places to consider when seeking out a quiet place to write, reflect, and plot. You can subscribe to the channel, too, and be notified when new videos and information are uploaded.

To kick things off, I recently paid a visit to a recreational area nearer home, which has a lot to offer. Cabin rentals, a hotel and conference center, RV parking, tent camping sites, public use areas, a beach area, fishing, boating, walking trails, and paved paths. It also has space for rent for gatherings, both at the conference center but also near the scout campground north of the lake. It's beautiful there and the personnel are especially helpful. The nice thing, too, you can reserve online.

Recently I was in search of some nature photos to use for future book covers. Not really finding what I wanted online, I went to the lake. Voila! The leaves have already begun to dress in their fall colors, and so I was able to snap several photos.

Check back here for more in-depth reviews on places you might like to consider for a quiet writer's retreat. Many of these are 'off-peak' season right now. But, then, that's the best time to visit if quiet is what you seek.